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Fundi Ewa Ife Omo Oba

05/04/1954 - 12/21/2018

Obituary for Fundi Ewa Ife Omo Oba

Fundi Ewa Ife Omo Oba passed. Celebration of Life will be held Saturday, January 5, 2019 11:00 am at Shrine of the Black Madonna 946 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd Atlanta GA 30310. Grissom-Clark Funeral Home.

She was Ewa lfe Omo Oba (Beautiful, Love, Child of the Queen and King), born Gwendolyn Desiree Ealy. She was a native of Atlanta, but a gift to the world. Ewa sparkled, dazzled,challenged, and charmed. She was an Africanist, a womanist, a diva and a doer. She was Black Christian Nationalism personified.

To meet her was to know her. She was self-assured, opinionated, full of love and laughter. And as with any member of Royalty, she held court-speaking, teaching, and predicting. Many sought her out; others she searched for until she found them. After your session with her, you knew she probably was right; and even if you disagreed, she left you with something to think about.

Wasn't she our COR (community out reach) Queen? She talked to the high school dropout, giving him or her lessons in history and life, and encouraged the PhD, knowing how difficult it was to remain outspoken and African centered in the white academic world. Queen Ewa told everyone about the Shrines of the Black Madonna. She was a proud member of College Cadre, letting you know she helped transform the sanctuary from a closed, segregated theatre into a hallmark of black consciousness, theology and pride. She was a minister, full-time missionary, youth leader, and group leader. She was a member of the Holy Order of the Essenes, the Holy Order of Nzinga, and the Holy Order of the Maccabees. Ewa was a storyteller, choir member, and keeper of black culture. She was all this and more.

With her brilliance, Queen Ewa could spot talent. Many budding authors shared their works with her before they unveiled them to the world. She would read their manuscripts, and when she gave the nod, you knew they would be bestsellers. As assistant manager and later manager of the Cultural Center and Bookstore in Atlanta, she greeted and introduced the best talents: Susan Taylor, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Kwame Toure, Jill Scott, E. Lynn Harris, Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis, and many, many more. Couldn't she make you feel "brand new" after a long day at work, or school, or of nation building? Students of the Atlanta University Center adored her. During homecoming, they brought their parents to the Cultural Center to meet Ms. Ewa. And years later, when these young adults started their own families, they would bring their children to meet her. Ewa would greet them, hug them and tell the little ones how smart and beautiful they were.

My goodness, Ewa was talented! She could transform from Harriett Tubman, to Rosa Parks, to Mary Mcleod Bethune, to current day glamour girl in seemingly seconds. Some said she acquired her acting skills while majoring in performing arts at Morris Brown College. We say, these were "Goddess-given” skills bestowed upon her at birth. Her one-woman productions and powerful readings left us spell-bound and wanting more. Ewa read everything from Shakespeare to pop culture. She loved purchasing children's books for the Cultural Center, and every child was hers. She had countless number of godchildren whom she praised, corrected, and showered with affection.

Queen Ewa had the spirit of Cat (Catherine Story Ealy), her mom, and the twinkle of 'Winkie" (Reverend Marion Wingfield) , her dad. As the youngest child, she told stories of her place in the birth order , learning to "fit" behind her brother (retired judge) Marion Jr., and her sister , Fundi Mile (Cathe Ealy Omo Oba).She had an extended family-sister-cousins Mother Tahirah and Ayodele ;and long-time sister friends Rev. Ada and Rev. Maia. Her extended family also included every one of you-in each region. She loved you all, unconditionally. Ewa captured the heart of Captain Abubakar Donkor (Ernest Hughes). She whizzed by him one day in the Cultural Center in Houston, dazzling him with her wit and charm. How could he resist? They exchanged their vows in 2008 in a lavish and befitting ceremony and remained together, complementing each other's spirit.

Aren't you going to miss her? She left you laughing, left you amazed , left you saying,"That's Ewa!!" If you thought she was bedazzling on earth, hold on now that she is in the whirlwind! Move over ancestral leaders, teachers, queens, kings, freedom fighters, writers, poets, actors, intellectuals, artists and artisans. Warrior Queen Ewa is on her way . Stay encouraged, church family. You know Ewa will always command a grand entrance. She's here right now;she will be here when we need her, giving us a wise word , a reassuring hug, and love.

Fundi Ewa leaves to celebrate her life,the Shrine of the Black Madonna family.; and her beloved husband Capt. Abubakar Donkor, step daughter Jackie Hughes and stepson Michael.

Also left to honor her memory are her brother Judge (ret.) Marion Ealy Jr., (Gennie), sister Fundi Mile' Omo Oba,cousins Mother Tahirah Omo Oba, sister Ayodele , Rev. Nanella 0. Graham (Bobby), Carol Miller (Darrell), Melissa Mitchell,Ted Story , and Anita Story, nephews Reginald Ealy and Kenneth Ealy (Barbara) , best friends Rev. Ada Ojore (Abayomi), and Rev. Maia Dakari and a host of god children, and other relatives and friends.

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